Last night I had an amazing & inspiring experience in the studio. I recorded keys & auxiliary tracks for funk/rock artist Julian Stefoni, front man of J-Ride. You might also know Julian as “Erotic City”, the country’s hottest Prince tribute band. Julian brought in two friends to help create the record: Grammy-winning Producer Tiger Roberts, and Aaron Mills; long-time bass player for R&B super-group Cameo, as well as Outkast.

Aaron Mills in the studio

Aaron has been Cameo’s bass player since 1978. Cameo is most known for their 1986 #1 hit, “Word Up!”. In addition to Cameo, Aaron is a sought-after artist who most famously has recorded with Andre 3000 and Big Boi of “Outkast” acclaim. Aaron’s playing is heard on the famous bass lines for Outkast hits “So Fresh & So Clean” and “Ms Jackson”.

I enjoyed hearing Aaron’s stories about being on the road just about as much as I enjoyed playing with him. It’s always an honor watching a virtuous musician in action, and I make sure to never take those situations for granted.


We recorded in “South End Recordings”, studio of Producer Tiger Roberts. Tiger won a Grammy award in 2002 with Rock & Roll Hall of Fame legend Gladys Knight.

L to R: Tiger Roberts & Aaron Mills

We tracked 5 songs together. Joining us on the session was my good friend & fantastic drummer, Ari Salim, and Julian Stefoni.

Listening to the tracks. L to R: Aaron Mills, Ari Salim, Julian Stefoni, Tiger Roberts

It was such a pleasure to watch Aaron play bass. He’s the real deal. And he is a funky, funky bass player. He was laying fire!

Aaron Mills laying bass tracks, Tiger Roberts producing

We had such a blast in the studio! I can’t wait to get back in an shed with Tiger on future projects!

L to R: Myself, Tiger Roberts, Aaron Mills