Zack is available for several types of work, including session work, corportate/ entertainment events, weddings, and more.

Inquiries for rates can be made by clicking here.


Being a versatile keyboardist makes Zack a very good fit for session work. He’s just as comfortable playing blues, country, R&B, neo-soul, pop, or Gospel. Zack’s a very fast learner, with a good ear and the ability to either play by ear or sight read charts.

He has an uncanny ability to turn your musical vision into a reality.


Zack is available as a pianist/keyboardist at corporate events. The entertainment can be any combination of your requests made ahead of time, or a genre of your choice. Keyboard & amp will be provided by Zack.



A highly-sought after wedding pianist, Zack has played at dozens of weddings throughout the Northwest. It’s very important that you book Zack in advance, as his wedding season schedule fills very quickly.

Wedding music is generally comprised of 15-30 minutes of music before the ceremony, music during the ceremony, and sometimes music during cocktail hour directly after the ceremony.

Zack has a wedding library of several dozen of the most-popular wedding songs. The bride and groom are encouraged to choose their own wedding music for Zack to play.