Zack & Saxophonist Eldon ‘T’ Jones to provide musical accompaniment to original theater production

Come see a great original theater production! N’Touch Bandleader & Saxophonist Eldon ‘T’ Jones is the musical director for an upcoming Shalanda Sims (World Stage Theater) original production entitled “Vanport”; a musical that tells the story of African-Americans who traveled to Portland to work in the shipyards during WWII.

N’Touch keyboardist Zack Poelwijk is playing piano for the musical.

Together, Eldon & Zack arranged many of the production’s songs; originals written by writer & director Shalanda Sims. Read the rest of this entry »

Zack Poelwijk featured in Funk Music documentary

Youtube Video

Keyboardist Zack Poelwijk has been featured & quoted as an artist in the newly released Funk music documentary entitled “Funk Music: A Documentary”, produced by FunkClone Productions and Paul A. Altamirano. Zack is featured alongside artists from some of the most legendary Funk bands, including the Rick James Stone City Band, Cameo, Morris Day & the Time, and Weapon of Choice, among others. Watch the documentary below:


N’Touch appears as featured band on Soundcloud

I’m really proud to be in N’Touch. I’m proud to be playing with cats who are touring all over the world, doing really big things. Just two days ago N’Touch launched its Soundcloud account and we’ve been blessed with great returns. Just 36 hours after posting a live version of ‘God has smiled on me’,  we’ve been featured on the front page of Soundcloud under featured artists for ‘Modern Jazz’! I’m humbled to be in such an outstanding band. We’ve wrapped up recording of our new EP…. look for your copy soon!

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Project on me!

An up-and-coming star in the world of PR, Claire Ion, did a really great project on me and I was honored to be a part of it! She wrote of the challenges of paying the bills while pursuing your passion as a musician.


Download the article by clicking the link below!

Pursuing Your Passion